Farewell to Stripe

Friday was my last day at Stripe. It’s been an intense, exhilarating two and a half years, and I’m grateful to Patrick Collison and John Collison for the opportunity to play a part in the Stripe story. It was a difficult decision to leave, as Stripe is a special place, with an incredible set of people, and the opportunity ahead is massive (though never assured, as Patrick would remind us!).

I joined Stripe in early 2020, before Covid turned the world upside down (and defined a large part of my Stripe experience, both due to remote work and the necessity of dealing with the effects of the economic shocks). I was in the office for less than two weeks before we went fully remote.

Looking back, it’s almost dizzying to think about the range of efforts I was able to contribute to in a relatively short period of time, from running Stripe Payments to writing the company strategy to designing the future of our financial services APIs and platforms to rebuilding our payments product line to creating Link to launching Stripe Apps, etc. etc. I went to Stripe from Google looking for a faster pace and the ability to magnify my personal impact, and I got that in spades.

Of course, there’s a lot left undone, and it’s painful to walk away with the knowledge of all the projects I wasn’t able to see over the finish line. But I’m also well aware that there are several times as many Stripes as when I started, and an established product management function, and I’m leaving things in good hands. I’ll be watching closely, as I remain invested in seeing the seeds we planted come to fruition.

This summer I’ll be taking some time to recharge with my family, and then will start thinking about my next adventure.



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